A Crash Course on Being An Artist

Welcome back friends. As I sit down to create this weeks’ newsletter, my heart is filled with immense joy and excitement. My work is the reason behind my bliss. The fact that I can add some value to your life through my art, keeps me going. So, I thought why not dedicate this week to ART.

I read it somewhere today, “Everyone is gifted, but some of us have yet to open their gifts.” That divine ‘gift’ we are talking about is ‘art’. It could be anything, from painting and designing to hacking and cooking, everything you create with your heart is an art (the rest is just a job). It is a tool handed to us to make this earth a better and more beautiful place. Here is an article that would help you to unwrap that gift.

How to Find Your Passion


But finding an art that interests you is not enough. It is just an inanimate object unless you share your soul with it. That is to say that, you have to believe that your art has a purpose bigger than your own self in this world.

Do You Believe in What You Do?

Once the eyes of your mind are opened, you notice people doing the work similar to what you want to do and being so successful. They further strengthen your belief in your art. If they can do it, why can not you? Here they are:

15 Inspiring Entrepreneurs Who Build Careers Around Their Passions and Social Media

Do you know any friend who has a photography page, or a creative writing blog? Probably yes. Are they successful? Probably no. To be successful in any discipline you need to dedicate yourself to it. You have to make sure that you are an artist of one of your kind, even though there might be millions of people working in the same genre. You have to do go off the well worn path. Here is an article by my hero, Seth Godin, which would deliver you just the right amount of motivation.

Seth Godin on the Practical Way to Pursue Your Passion (It Does Exist)

Will you become automatically successful as soon as you become one of the best at what you do? I doubt. There is a missing link between your work and it’s deserved destination. That link is called marketing. In this ever growing noise of the world, you need to sing at the top of your voice, for your song to be heard, even though you might have to best voice in the crowd. Here are people doing just the same:

49 Creative Geniuses Who Use Blogging to Promote Their Art

And here is how to do it:

16 Things You Can Do Today to Get Your Artwork Noticed

36 Tried-and-True Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts [Infographic]

You might be a spiritual soul. You might be a content artist. But you must remember that we are living in a materialistic world, where at the end of the day everything comes down to ‘how much money do you make?’. If your passion does not earn you any money, after some time you are most likely to drop it down. Here is an articles which might give you an idea on how to begin with the complex task of monetization.

Stop trying to make money from your passion. – Tara Gentile

Art can get you a better life. Art can make this world a better place. But do you know that art can help you have a better sex life? Here is an artist who took art into his bedroom. You might want to check out this beautiful article too.

A Bohemian Artist Couple Is Sharing Their Sex Stories On Instagram & They’re Deeply Sensuous

Key Takeaways:

  • Find your passion and stick to it.
  • Believe that your art has to serve a higher purpose.
  • Make as much art as you can, without caring too much about the money.
  • Seek inspiration.
  • Promote aggressively.
  • Connect to people.
  • Never stop learning.
  • Monetize it wisely.
  • And have a lot of sex. 

Did you like this newsletter? What are your views on this topic? Would you like to suggest some means to improve this newsletter? Comment below.


Saurabh Srivastava is a writer who helps people create a better life for themselves. Become a member of his tribe to get the ‘7 Steps To Un-fuck Your Life‘ PDF. You can also register for his free online course ‘The Passion Project’ and create the most passionate work life for yourself.



What is your excuse?

We often seem to be imprisoned by our own limiting beliefs.

If only I was that talented, I’d have done that work.

If only my parents were supportive, I’d have choose that career.

If only my partner was little less demanding, I’d have had time for it.

If only This.

If only That.


This week – in order to liberate you from the bondage of your own mind – we have brought you a couple of stories of people who overcame all the obstacles and succeeded despite all the THIS’s and THAT’s.

I would begin with an article by (and about) Jon Morrow who fought all the odds of life and became one of the greatest bloggers we have. This article is basically about blogging, but it can inspire you to do almost anything that you can dream off.

How to Quit Your Job, Move to Paradise and Get Paid to Change the World

A note for bloggers: Jon’s blog smartblogger.com is a truly incredible source to learn about blogging. I highly recommend sticking to his blog if you don’t wanna die in the ocean of anonymity. You might not follow everything he says, but you definitely need to listen to him.

Do you think that you could not do something because of the little – physical or mental – disability of yours? Here are people who will put you to shame.

Sai Prasad Vishwanathan’s Inspiring Story Will Leave You Speechless

Blind Runner: The Inspirational Story of Sami Stoner

Meet Ramesh, a cowherd who now mans computers

I often hear people saying, they would have done much better in their life, had they been born in a more developed nation. Here is the story of our Gujju boy, who is leading one of the most prestigious enterprises of the world.

From A Lower Middle-Class Family To Being Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai’s Story Is The ‘American Dream’ Come True

Maybe, things are not that wrong with you, your family, or your personal conditions. But the hindrances might be offered from the people around you.

From a tortured childhood to playing for India – Suresh Raina’s story

Now that you are getting in mood to punch all your obstacles right into the face, here is the story of a boxer who carved his way through various troubles of his life, and became ‘the Greatest’.

What Muhammad Ali, the silver-tongued boxing champion, taught the world


If that is not enough for you, here is someone who knocked down an entire mountain to make way for his vision. 

Dashrath Manjhi: The Mountain Man- The inspiring & untold story of an unsung hero

Wonder how can you master such superhuman willpower, patience, brilliance, and ability to do persistent hard work? I guess, this should help.

How to Face a Challenge With Confidence

We talked about people from different walks of life, facing different issues. Some became wildly famous, while others are not so well known. Some gained a lot of worldly success, while other people’s achievements are not so tangible to others. But there are certain things common in all of them.

  1. They took responsibility of their life.
  2. They did not put the blame on someone, or something else.
  3. They took obstacles as a challenge to grow.
  4. They did not give up on themselves.
  5. They rose above their fears.
  6. They shined.

After going through all these stories of struggles and strives, there is only one thing I want to ask you, if you are not yet giving your best shot at life.

What is your excuse? 

About the curator:

Saurabh Srivastava is a writer who helps people create a better life for themselves. Become a member of his tribe to get the ‘7 Steps To Un-fuck Your Life‘ PDF. You can also register for his free online course ‘The Passion Project’ and create the most passionate work life for yourself.

I thank RashmiAkashBharath and Rajat for helping me choosing articles for this newsletter. If you too want to help us, contact here.


The world is telling you to go on, I ask you give up.

The world is telling you to work harder, I ask you to hang it up.

The world is telling you to struggle with it, I ask you to drop out.

Unless I am totally out of my mind, I must have something to back the stern declarations of mine. So, if it did hit you somewhere – continue reading…

“When you feel like quitting, think about how far you have already come.”


This is the crappiest piece of advice you could ever get. It is a trap called sunk-cost fallacy, in terms of economics, which compels you to keep wasting your precious time on pursuits that no longer suit you. Maybe they did once upon a time, but no more.

How the Sunk Cost Fallacy Makes You Act Stupid

Whatever it is that you are struggling with, quitting is going to make a serious impact on your life. It could be liberating, or damaging. Read these posts to get a wider understanding of it.

How to Know When It’s Time to Quit

Why Quitting Is Sometimes the Right Thing to Do.

But before you surrender your weapons and quit, you must go through the stories of these successful people who decided not to quit.

9 Famous People Who Will Inspire You to Never Give Up

I know what is going on your mind. “What the hell is this guy suggesting? Quit, or not quit?” Now before you throw your coffee mug into your screen, that travels through the internet and hits me on the head, let me make myself clear to you. Mugs down please!

This post is neither to compel you to quit, nor to inspire you to persevere. It is to make you decide. Don’t stand on the no-man’s land anymore. Either quit, and begin afresh. Or stop thinking about quitting, once and for all, and give it all you have got. Whatever you decide will shape your future. Decide the direction of your flow. Don’t you think decision making is an art of its own? Learn here:

Mindfulness Meditation May Improve Decision Making

You only hear the stories of the people who kept at something and won. You never hear the stories of the quitters. But the truth is that everyone of those winners have been much more efficient quitters. Looking close, you find out that they did quit many things that were wrong for them, and that is how they ended up with something that was right.

You must know when to end something – gather all the lessons you learned – pack your bags – go out exploring – and pour out the hard earned wisdom into something new. Sooner, or later, you would find something that you really want to stick to. But you shall never get to that place if you decide not to get out of this one.


Leaving somewhere you don’t belong to anymore, gives you an ultimate sense of freedom. It might be anything – a job, a business, a thought pattern, an addiction, or a relationship – that you need to quit in order to move forward in life. Just make sure you quit for your own solid reasons, not because the loser in you is taking this post as a excuse to escape from the hard work that you gonna have to do anywhere anyway.

Funny enough! I began this post with the aim of inspiring you to hustle harder. But it somehow drifted to the topic of quitting, which it turns out to me, is as important as preserving. Motivation works in mysterious ways!

Today, I want you to either quit something – that you feel is holding you back, or quit the thoughts of quitting – that you have been entertaining for quite a while.

Let me know what did you decide to quit, in the comments. Eager to interact!

If you liked it, please share it with your friends.

Happy Quitting!

Heartbreak to Hero

So, you are love sick and you have no idea where your life is heading, right? Well, I don’t really know you, and I have no idea of what exactly is going on in your life. But I am sure that it is pretty hard time for you. You are numb. You have tried a lot, but nothing is getting you anywhere. Your whole life seems to be stuck into some shit hole.

If so is the case, you have come to the right place. You and me shall work together through this post, to rescue you. Great me!

Love is one of the most beautiful things in the world. It makes us more human. But films and TV have brainwashed us into thinking that the only ideal life is one with a lover. Love has been commercialized in order to boost the sales of grooming products, cloths, gadgets, fast food, greeting cards, gifts, and what not. Consequently, our generation does not think of love as a part of life, we have taken it as life and made it our life’s sole purpose to find true love. However, looking closer, we shall find that the opposite case holds a better argument.

An uncool note: For maximum effectiveness of this newsletter, keep a pen and paper with you and scribble down anything that you find amazing or useful.

12 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Too Serious About Love In Your 20s

Being Single Really Is The Best. Here Are 11 Scientific Reasons To Prove It


Photo Credit

Pretty bhadkau, isn’t it? I didn’t have the luxury of such anti-love tonics, back when I was suffering with my heartbreak. Sorry committed people. Nothing personal. :p

Despite everything, sometimes, stopping yourself from falling in love is like trying to turn off the gravity. And we end up heartbroken, rejected, or abandoned. You are not alone in this madness. According to a report by NCRB: Heart-break causes more suicides than unemployment. Every other person you know is suffering from some or the other kind of love sickness. But no matter how bad it looks, with patience and a little courage, you can overcome it. Here are the inspirations to do just that:

Healing a Broken Heart: It Will Get Better

5 Ways To Use Your Breakup As Motivation To Reinvent Yourself

Lately, I have been doing a lot of research about heartbreaks to be able to compose this piece. And what I found was that everyone is talking about breakups, and no one is worried about – the poor people like (possibly) you and (definitely) me – who broke their own hearts in one sided love. But I later realized that the same hacks that help in breakups, work even better in dealing with rejections. And believe me, it is better to remain the 12th man, than to get into the game and hurt yourself so bad that you can never play again. Hail forever-alone’s!

As the above article says, healing is quite a slow process. Throughout this time, spiteful thoughts shall chase you with their burning arrows aimed at your already bleeding heart, while you are running away from them on a snail’s back. May be, it is time that you learned the powerful art of mastering your mind. Sad thoughts and emotions will still exist, but they won’t trouble you anymore. Learning this art is a long (beautiful) journey, you might begin here:

Eckhart Tolle Teaches How to Rise Above Thoughts

How To Quiet Your Mind In Meditation


Photo credit

A heartbreak isn’t just a struggle with emotions, you can indeed use it to your own advantage. Adele, the famous singer, is a brilliant example of it (interested in her breakup story? Here). The reserve of pain that you have in your heart, can be pumped out beautifully in the form of art – whatever it be: painting, writing, acting, singing, dancing, crafting, social work etc. This aspect of heartbreaks has been so beautifully portrayed in the article below, that you might just feel like reaching out and thanking that person.

A Blessing In Disguise: How Heartbreak Can Make You Motivated And Creative

Finally, we are moving on to something that everyone can connect to – the ones in love and the ones out of it.

So, you stopped believing that you are a victim, found out the superhero inside you through self exploration, and realized that you have superpowers in the form of creativity with which you can do great things in life. But without a sense of purpose, you shall be as good as Captain America before he decided to stand against Hydra. (4 o’clock, Captain!)



“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” – Albert Einstein

Heartbreak creates a big vacuum in your heart, whatever you fill it with, would stay with you forever (cigarette, alcohol, daily soaps). It is the perfect time to fill your heart with a passion that gives purpose to your life. Indeed, the main purpose behind the creation of this blog is to make people fall in love with their work that adds beauty to their life and to the world.

10 Things You Should Know About Passion (And How To Find Yours)

So, you want to do the work you are passionate about, but you are afraid, if at all, it will earn you good money. Let me tell you dear, you have done quite crazy things for people in your life, it is time you did something crazy for your own self. Just dive into your passion, connect to more and more people related to your field, read as many books and blogs about it as you can, produce as much of your art as you can, share it with your friends, family and anyone you can reach and forget about the money part for a while. Read here for further boost:

If Money Was No Object, Everybody Including You Would Be Doing This



I know I could keep on encouraging you to follow your passion for years. I could provide you with numerous places that would pour tonnes of inspiration upon you everyday. In fact, I give that to you right here.

Top 25 Motivational Blogs

But no amount of motivation would last longer than a few minutes, given your state of mind. You will keep on procrastinating everything while being lost in your thoughts of ‘love’. You cannot chase your passion, as long as you are chasing love. It is either one or the other. It is a dreadful deadlock, because both the things mean a hell lot to you. Thank God, here is a key to it.

The Simplest Way To Find Love

It is a waste of time to search for love. The better way of doing it is to strive to make yourself lovable and believe that the right person would enter your life when the time is right. And here is a good news:

Someone Perfect For You Is Out There, But Stop Looking

This heartbreak was meant to happen in your life – at this particular time – because it would crack your heart at places so that light can get into it. Life has shook you hard because it wanted you to wake up. Now, you can either keep on lying crumpled in your bed, and waste your life crying over things you can not control, or you can awaken and take charge of the controllable aspects of your life.

Deciding to move out of the heartbreak frees a lot of time in your life, and a lot of space in your head. You no longer have to think of what the other person thinks of you, and make yourself the center of your attention. You no longer have to device ways to get them back, or to impress them. Sure it hurts to be deprived of the attachment that you were so addicted to. It sucks. And it would continue to be the same for some time even after you start doing everything mentioned here.

But you know what, you will come out of it stronger than you have ever imagined. Just start with tiny changes to un-fuck your life. Look at the list of things you might have noted down while going through the articles and choose one to begin with. If you don’t find anything there, how about – beginning with – just having a healthy breakfast today? Or may be, trimming your nastily overgrown beards? Keep crawling towards the light, you don’t even have to walk – if you don’t want to.

 I have spend more than 20+ hours carefully composing this post. Now I want something in return from you. You have got two options:

  • Transfer 1 Million Dollars into my bank account. contact
  • Act.

(Funny, ain’t I?)

Start with something. Anything. But begin right now. Write down the thing that you want to do today, and get on with it. Began conquering your darkness before the monster takes over you once again. Within a few months, you will witness wonderful transformations in your life.

That is it for now. See you next week, with some new matter that matters to you. Did you like this first issue of our newsletter? Tell us in the comments below.

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After so much of the serious talk, you do deserve a dessert. Enjoy!

Here’s The Story Behind The Japanese Tradition Of Serving Sushi On Naked Models

About the curator:

Saurabh Srivastava is a writer who helps people create a better life for themselves. Become a member of his tribe to get the ‘7 Steps To Un-fuck Your Life‘ PDF. You can also register for his free online course ‘The Passion Project’ and create the most passionate work life for yourself.

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